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Submitting an item for the Homepage

Any staff member with a Schoolloop account can create and submit items for the school's homepage. Instructions for creating your own Calendar and News items can be found here: All items submitted should be intended for the larger school audience and are subject to approval by the website manager.

Responding to Crisis

Mandated Reporter Numbers

Yolo County Child Welfare Services

(530) 669-2345 or 1-888-400-0022

West Sacramento Police Department

(916) 617-4900

Mandated Reporters Information from the California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention

Referral and Human Services Information

Call 2-1-1

The new 2-1-1 Yolo number uses existing Sacramento County operators. Callers can access Yolo County's Health and Human Services database of helpful information at any time…and in any language. The 2-1-1 call center will look up the information for Yolo County, be able to refer them to that service and say that information out loud. The AT&T language line operator will translate that information and stay on the line. Since its inception in January, calls have included questions about immunizations, emergency shelter, job skills, and tax help.

Technology Resources

Helpdesk Line (staff only -- for emergency problems that can be resolved by remote access): Call 375-7999 or VoIP extention 1400

Helpdesk website: http:\\

Teachers should refer students with login problems to Karen Michener in the library or Estella Delatorre in the Career Center. They can write the Helpdesk ticket or call the Helpdesk Line on behalf of students.

WUSD Technology Help Documents

Helpdesk manual

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Digital Safety

A selection of files and links to help teachers discuss with students the issues and challenges of the online media world. 

Digital Safety - A Course for Teens (the videos have been extracted from this presentation and posted below as separate files to stay within the file size limits of the host.)

Digital Safety presentation notes

Video Slide - You as Publisher: Video Board

Video Slide - Digital Reputation: Real Life

Video Slide - Digital Reputation: "Hi Sarah"

Video Slide - Digital Reputation: Creepy Predator

Video Slide - Online Bullying: Jill's Story