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Common Biology Syllabus
10/22/14 9:10 AM

Contact Your Biology Teacher

Donald Stauffer 

Jennifer De La Cruz

Jennifer McAllister

Peter Gortiz 

Kendal Mizner 



Need help in Biology?

Just ask! Stop by to talk to any of the Biology teachers anytime to find out about tutoring, make-up work, extra credit options, and how you can be successful in Biology.

Passing Biology with a C or better is REQUIRED to graduate and to apply to four-year colleges like UC and CSU schools. If you are not sure where to go for help, ask your counselor or your science teacher.

Good luck from the Biology Team!

Common Biology Webpage

Welcome to the common website for all Biology courses at River City High School!

This is a resource that will give you general course information and link you to your teacher's individual webpages with further information.

Biology Team Websites