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Parent Liaison
Contact Aleksandr Semeryuk  Aleksandr Semeryuk (916) 375-7800 ex: 2089 Russian Liaison
Contact Lorena Vega Aguilar  Lorena Vega Aguilar (916) 375-7800 ex: 2087 Spanish Parent Liaison


Why is my student in ELD?

Students are placed in ELD because state education code requires limited English students to have daily ELD (English Language Development). All students who are designated by the school as LEP (Limited English Proficient) are placed into schedules that will allow them to take daily ELD. River City considers the following criteria when placing students: ELPAC, , English Grade, years in country, previous placement and English teacher recommendations. 



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Contact Jennifer Leifson  Jennifer Leifson (916) 375-7800 ex: 2301 English/ELL Teacher