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Assistant Principals

Click on the little envelope in front of the administrator's name to send them a plain email message through the Schoolloop messaging service. If you wish to send an email with an attachment, you need the staff member's email address and must send it from your own email client. All district email addresses take the form of "First Initial First Name + Whole Last". Many staff members provide their email address on their home page. Click on the name to go to the webpage.

Contact Erik Forsman  Erik Forsman (916) 375-7800 ex: 2072 Assistant Principal M-R
Contact Martina Guerra  Martina Guerra (916) 375-7800 ex: 2088 Assistant Principal G-L
Contact Christine Mabery  Christine Mabery (916) 375-7800 ex: 2073 Assistant Principal A-F
Contact Kristin Rodriguez  Kristin Rodriguez (916) 375-7800 ex: 2075 Assistant Principal S-Z
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