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Mr. Shriver


All Classes! Missing any class notes?


Students!  If you are missing any class notes to date, you may access them by title in the order they were covered by going to Mr. Shriver's Locker at the left hand side of the page and selecting what you need.  Notes will be posted for at least one week from the time given.  So far, nothing has been removed.  You notebook will be a valuable asset for preparing for quizzes and tests; and will even be allowed for use on the midterm/final.  You must hand write the notes in order to use them, so keep a good notebook!


Mike Shriver
(916) 375-7800

Current Assignments

U.S. Government Project (Who's Who In American Government?) Due Th. Oct. 4; Click here for details.

Complete the attached project (also handed out in class Mon. Sept. 10).  It is 10 percent of your grade!  Due no later than Thurs. Oct. 4.

Assigned: 09/07/18 Category: Assignment Points: 100 Due: 10/04/18

Psychology: Ch. 11 Adolescence Objectives & Key Terms due Mon. Sept.24

Read Ch. 11 pages 250 - 268.

Answer Objectives 1 - 4 (all) pg. 250.
Define the Key Terms listed on pg. 251

Answer any/all Critical Thinking questions on pg. 270

Assigned: 09/14/18 Category: Assignment Points: 50 Due: 09/24/18