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Math Teachers
Contact Carrie Anne Arreola  Carrie Anne Arreola Teacher
Contact Ms. Burton  Ms. Burton (916) 375-7800 ex: 2660 Teacher
Contact Kim Ceo  Kim Ceo (916) 375-7800 ex: 2609 Teacher
Contact Jeanette Clifford  Jeanette Clifford Teacher
Contact Annie Cole  Annie Cole (916) 375-7800 ex: 2605 Math and AVID Teacher
Contact James Colligan  James Colligan Teacher
Contact Alan Frantz  Alan Frantz (916) 375-7800 ex: 2654 Math Teacher/Dept. Chair
Contact Ms G  Ms G (916) 375-7800 ex: 2652 Teacher
Contact Mr. Hook  Mr. Hook Teacher
Contact Alyssa Okita  Alyssa Okita (916) 375-7800 ex: 2659 Teacher
Contact Ms. Ryan  Ms. Ryan (916) 375-7800 ex: 2655 Math Teacher
Contact Tom Saephan  Tom Saephan (916) 375-7800 ex: 2610 Math Teacher
Contact Ms. Tan  Ms. Tan Math Teacher/Mathletes Coach
Contact Mrs. Tapia  Mrs. Tapia (916) 375-7800 ex: 2606 Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Warrior  Mrs. Warrior (916) 375-7800 ex: 2655 Math Teacher
Contact Mr. West  Mr. West Math Teacher

Math Department

After School Tutoring

Math teachers will be available for Academic Outreach drop-in math tutoring in the cafeteria after school until 5:00 each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Monday Tuesday Thursday
Ms. Burton or Ms. Ghag Ms. Burton Ms. Burton
Ms. Ryan Ms. Ghag Mrs. Cole
Ms. Tan   Ms. Ghag
High School Math INfo
  • RCHS offers Integrated Math 1, 2, & 3, rather than Algebra, Geometry, & Algebra 2. Integrated Math courses teach the same concepts as the old sequence, just in a different order. Math 1 & 2 cover a mix of Algebra 1 & Geometry topics. Math 3 is very similar to Algebra 2.
  • We offer a summer school Bridge to High School Math course for incoming freshmen in order to prepare them for the rigor of high school math.
  • On a 4x4 block schedule, students have opportunities to get to advanced math courses like AP Calculus and/or AP Statistics after beginning in Math 1 as freshmen. Starting in their sophomore year, students can “double-up” in math by taking one math course in the fall and another in the spring. In order to do so, students should ask for this on their course request sheets and discuss these plans with their counselors.
Math Course Progression


                                                                                           AP Calculus AB & BC


      Statistics          or          AP Statistics          or          Pre-Calculus


Personal Finance            Integrated Math 3                                            

&/or Business Math                         ^                                                               

Integrated Math 2


Integrated Math 1


  • C- or better is required to move to the next sequential math course.
  • Students with C's in Math 3 can go on to Precalculus or Statistics.
  • Students with A's or B's in Math 3 can go on to Precalculus or AP Statistics.
  • Personal Finance & Business Math are for seniors only and are not a-g approved.
Math Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn 30 credits of high school math by passing three different math courses:

  • WUSD College and Career Ready Pathway requires that students complete Integrated Math 3 (previously Algebra II) or higher
  • WUSD Traditional Pathway requires that students complete Integrated Math 2, Personal Finance/Business Math, or higher
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Contact Alan Frantz  Alan Frantz (916) 375-7800 ex: 2654 Math Teacher/Dept. Chair
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