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Teaching Staff Directory

Click on the little envelope next to the staff member's name to send them a plain email message through the Schoolloop messaging service. If you wish to send an email with an attachment, you need the teacher's email address and must send it from your own email client. All district email addresses take the form of "First Initial First Name + Whole Last Name@wusd.k12.ca.us". Many teachers provide their email address on their home page. Click on the name to go to the webpage.

Abplanalp, Nancy Education Specialist
Adams, Constance PE/Dance Teacher
Akhanon, Pamela Teacher
Arico, Julienne (916) 375-7800 ex.2705 Teacher
Arreola, Carrie Anne Teacher
Baldwin, Melissa Teacher
Bittner, Mark (916) 375-7800 ex.2603 Special Ed Teacher
Bradley, Amber Teacher
Brill, Clint PE Teacher
Brown, Don PE Teacher
Burton, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2660 Teacher
Ceo, Kim (916) 375-7800 ex.2609 Teacher
Cisneros, Rudy Teacher
Clifford, Jeanette Teacher
Cole, Annie (916) 375-7800 ex.2605 Math and AVID Teacher
Colligan, James Teacher
Connell, Patrick Teacher
Cristman, Linda (916) 375-7800 ex.2203 Choir Director & Piano Teacher
Cruz, Phyllis (916) 375-7800 ex.2704 Teacher
DeLaCruz, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2707 Science Teacher
Dinelli, Brianne Teacher
Dornan, Kristie (916) 375-7800 Chemistry Teacher
Duff, Brandon English/Drama Teacher
Erickson, Betsy (916) 375-7800 ex.2905 Teacher
Fagout, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2752 Robotics/Engineering Teacher
Ferris, Mr. English Teacher
Flores, Jose Teacher
Flores, June Teacher
Fogle, John (916) 375-7800 ex.2859 Social Science Teacher
Forman, Catherine English Teacher
Frantz, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2654 Math Teacher/Dept. Chair
G, Ms (916) 375-7800 ex.2652 Teacher
Garcia-Smith, Patrick (916) 375-7800 ex.2358 Teacher
Goldman, Amy (916) 375-7800 ex.2353 English Teacher
Hanks, Chris Teacher
Heavlin-Martinez, Jeremy (916) 375-7800 ex.2703 Chemistry Teacher
Hernandez, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2804 Spanish Teacher
Hodge, Deborah Workability
Hoermann, Aland (916) 375-7800 ex.2860 Social Science/Journalism Teacher
Hook, Mr. Teacher
Ionescu, Mr (916) 375-7800 ex.2802 Spanish Teacher
Johnson, Sarah Teacher
Katz, Elizabeth Teacher
King, Jamie (916) 375-7800 ex.2908 Athletic Director/ Varsity Girls Basketball
Leffler, M. (916) 375-7800 ex.2855 Social Science Teacher
Leifson, Jennifer (916) 375-7800 ex.2301 English/ELL Teacher
Liston, Brendan Teacher
Long, Tyler Teacher
Malec, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2856 Social ScienceTeacher
Mankewich, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2904 PE Teacher
Mann, Russell Teacher
Maples, Kathryn (916) 375-7800 ex.2309 English Teacher
McAllister, Jennifer (916) 375-7800 ex.2757 Science Teacher
Mejia-Hays, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2308 English Teacher
Mellin, Thomas Teacher
Mizner, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2706 Science Teacher, Boy's Varsity Soccer Coach, Club Advisor - Upstream
Monarrez, Irene Teacher
Nieves, Elisa Teacher
O'Connor, Gerald (916) 375-7800 ex.2851 Teacher
O'Donnell, Tim English Teacher
Okita, Alyssa (916) 375-7800 ex.2659 Teacher
Puliz, Mrs. Math Teacher
Rodriguez, Deborah (916) 375-7800 ex.x2807 Teacher
Ryan, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2655 Math Teacher
Saad, Alia Teacher
Saephan, Tom (916) 375-7800 ex.2610 Math Teacher
Salcido, Señor (916) 375-7800 ex.2806 Spanish Teacher
Sapp, Megan Teacher
Sarles, Cory Special Ed Teacher
Sawyer, Lindsey (916) 375-7800 ex.2303 English/AVID Teacher
Schumacher, Mrs. Art Teacher
Sherinian, John Teacher
Shiroi, Alexander (916) 375-7800 ex.2304 Teacher
Shriver, Mr. (916) 375-7800 Social Science
Smith, Matthew Teacher
Smith, Susan (916) 375-7800 ex.2351 English/AVID Teacher
Spencer, Mademoiselle Chrissy (916) 375-7800 ex.2803 Teacher
Spivey, Marlaina Science Teacher
Stauffer, Don Science Teacher
Stewart, Laurie English Teacher
Stolpe, Jason Teacher
Sutton, Cheryle Teacher
Tait, Andrew English Teacher
Tan, Ms. Math Teacher/Mathletes Coach
Tapia, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2606 Math Teacher
Taylor, Matthew Teacher
Vellanoweth, Katie Teacher
Verbitskiy, Diana Russian Teacher
Vorhauer, Diana Teacher
Voss, Lisa Teacher
Warrior, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2655 Math Teacher
Weatherly, Felicia Teacher
West, Mr. Math Teacher
Wu, Ni ex.2807 Teacher
Yusufi, Sedikeh (916) 375-7800 ex.2754 Electronics Teacher
Zalutka, Nadine Teacher

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